The TAF collections are born from accurate studies into materials and are produced in natural fibres with the care typical of hand-worked craftsmanship.

We recommend washing coloured articles in cool water (max. 40°), using preferably neutral detergents for delicate fabrics.

White hand-embroidered linens can be bleached using small amounts of product.

Hand-embroidered tablecloths with wine or grease stains can be put right after use to soak in warm water and detergent before being machine washed.

The most delicate items, such as those made of organza or muslin, can be machine washed, taking care to place them in a pillowcase or a special net bag and reducing the spin.

Moisten linen and cotton garments before ironing them, then proceed with the iron on reverse, placing its head on a padded surface (or even a towel) so that you can easily stretch both the embroidery and the surrounding tissue.

For a proper maintenance, the garments should be kept completely dry and we recommend using fragrances such as lavender that scent them and protect them from possible bugs.

useful tips for embroidered items


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